Methods for How to Unblock a Toilet

A clogged toilet can be pretty embarrassing, whether it’s in your home or in some other
unfortunate persons home. It can sometimes be really difficult to just get the toilet to flush but here are some useful tips on how to unblock a toilet so you don’t get it overflowing in your frustration, or toilet and plungerhave to resort to calling Plumbers Perth to make the pipes start moving again. These methods are incredibly simple and will allow anyone to clear the blockage in their toilet in no time at all:
1. Flush
2. Plunger
3. Coat Hanger

Flush: The first method to try in our list of methods on how to unblock a toilet is to flush. Now before you go on saying you’ve already tried this let me explain. You will want to wait until the water level in the toilet has stopped changing. This allows the reservoir in the toilet to refill and build pressure again. By doing this and allowing the toilet to rebuild force you produce a much more effective flush then repeatedly trying to flush in a panic which would merely allow the clog to become more secure.

Plunger: If that doesn’t work the next method for how to unblock a toilet includes using a plunger. During this we make sure the plunger is over the hole in the bottom of the bowl and creates a seal. It is important that this seal is created because it’s what produces the suction effect that dislodges the clog inside the bend of the toilet helping to unclog it. This can be used in conjunction with proper flushing techniques to remove the clog bit by bit. If this method is working properly you will notice that the water level in the bowl depletes rapidly and will hear a chugging noise as the water flows through dislodging the clog in your toilet.

Coat Hanger: If neither of these methods work or you simply do not have a plunger handy the final method you can use in our list of methods for how to unblock a toilet is a coat hanger. You bend the coat hanger to go into the u-bend and break free the clog, then attempt a flush. Repeat this process until the clog has been completely broken up and removed. This method basically does what the plunger does but has the advantage of producing more force in dislodging the blockage. The disadvantage is that you will have one less coat hanger when all is said and done.

Now you have some tools in the form of knowledge for how to unblock a toilet. You’ll have multiple options at you disposal when it comes to dislodging a piece of blockage in the toilet so you don’t have to give an embarrassing explanation for what is in the bathroom. You’ll be able to flush properly, use a plunger more effectively or if nothing else sacrifice a coat hanger for the purpose of clearing the toilet pipes, allowing people to go about their business more smoothly by creating fewer clogged toilets in the world. For more ways on how to deal with this unpleasant situation, click here.

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